How-To – Add scenes to a 3DBI model with 3DBI for SketchUp

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Scenes in 3DBI.

Scenes are predefined camera positions. By adding scenes to your 3DBI model users can quickly navigate to predefined locations without having to manually manipulate the camera. In this tutorial you will learn how to add scenes to your 3DBI model.

  • Trimble® SketchUp® as the 3D modelling application.
  • 3DBI for SketchUp as the custom addin that is able to export SketchUp geometry and data to a format readable by our 3DBI visual.
  • Microsoft® Power BI®
  • 3DBI, the custom visual we developed for Power BI.

1 – Add scenes to SketchUp model.

The first step to get started exporting a SketchUp model to Power BI, using 3DBI, that will include predefined scenes, is to add 1 or more scenes the SketchUp model. It is also important that the scenes you intend to include have their name prefixed with “3DBI_”. This is an extra check that has been added to the tool to give you fine grained control over which scenes to includeand which not. A valid name for example is “3DBI_Top View”, without the quotes.

2 – Export with 3DBI.

Scenes prefixed with 3DBI_ will be automatically included in your .3dbi export.

Once the export has been completed 3DBI will  show a list of all exported ids.

3 – Scenes are automatically recognized by the 3DBI visual.

After inserting a .3dbi file that contains scenes into the 3DBI visual for Power BI, the visual will show an extra “select scenes” button, from which you can select your predefined scene.

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