We bring spatial insight to your data.

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3DBI is a custom visual we built for Microsoft® Power BI® that will allow us to visualize your data about your assets directly in its spatial context. Use cases range from Property Management, BIM (quantities, scheduling, …) to plotting IoT data (color and filter objects by temperature, humidity, co2-levels, occupancy, wear, …) as well as Logistics (stock management, order picking, …) and Energy (plotting yield of solar panels or windmill farms) or any other sector where you might have a need for visualizing data in a 3d environment.

We create 3D models for your data

Chances are that you already have lots of data about your assets, stored in Microsoft® Excel® workbooks or various databases and that you currently are consulting that data by using tables and charts. But, do you know exactly what is located where, when you are looking at those tables? By combining a 3D model with your data we bring spatial insight to your data, and that is what 3DBI is all about, no matter what that data is.



Demo of a custom 3d PowerBI visual, generated from a Trimble SketchUp model and showing a warehouse with product locations. Filtering is based on product suppliers and stock, but it could have been any data you have about your warehouse.

Material take-off breakdown by Level

Demo of an interactive BIM dashboard showing concrete (prefab vs in situ) take-off by level in an interactive 3D Power BI dashboard.

Port Containers Overview

With 3DBI we try to link any kind of data with any type of 3D model, so that spatial insight can be brought to those raw data fields. In this case we crafted an interactive dashboard out of both a 3D model and data of a port. In a single view you can filter and colorize containers by Carrier, Weight, Origin, Destination, … or just about any other data field you might have about your containers, and see the results in 3D.


Demo of a custom 3d PowerBI visual, generated from an Autodesk Revit model and showing a school with rooms located on 3 different stories. Filtering and colorization are based on the room’s level, area and perimeter.

Learn how to create these yourself

We provide tools to get just about any type of 3D model in Power BI so that you can link them with the data you already have.

How-To – Custom 3D Power BI visual of a warehouse

Custom 3D Power BI visual of a warehouse, modelled in SketchUp.

How-To – Custom 3D Power BI visual of Revit rooms with a static context

Custom 3D Power BI visual based on a Revit rooms.

How-To – Visualize a 3D Revit MEP model in Power BI

Custom 3D Power BI visual based on a Revit MEP model.

How-To – Add scenes to a 3DBI model with 3DBI for Revit

Scenes in 3DBI. Scenes are predefined camera positions. By adding scenes to your 3DBI model users can quickly navigate to predefined locations without having to manually manipule the camera. In this tutorial you will learn how to add scenes to your 3DBI model....

How-to – update 3DBI visual in existing Power BI dashboards

Import, then swap. The following steps will allow you to upgrade 3DBI visuals in existing Microsoft® Power BI® dashboards: Open your existing dashboard. Press the "Get more visuals" button and then hit "Import a visual from a file". Navigate to the directory where the...

How-to – 3D quantity takeoff dashboard in Power BI

Creating an interactive 3D quantity take-off dashboard, in Power BI. In this tutorial you will learn how to bring your SketchUp model's geometry and quantity information into Microsoft® Power BI® so that you can create interactive 3D quantity takeoff dashboards. The...