3DBI for Revit

Visualize your 3D Autodesk® Revit® model and data in Microsoft® Power BI®.

3D Microsoft Power BI dashboards.

3DBI is a custom 3D visual we created for Microsoft Power BI that will allow you to visualize your data in its spatial context. Use cases range from BIM (quantities, scheduling, …) to plotting IoT data (color and filter objects by temperature, humidity, co2-levels, occupancy, wear, …) as well as Warehousing (stock management, order picking, …) and Energy (plotting yield of solar panels or windmill farms) or any other sector where you might have a need for visualizing data in a 3d environment. Check out this link for an online 3D Dashboard, generated with 3DBI for Revit and showcasing an MEP model.

Getting started.

  1. Download and install the addin for your Revit version.
  2. Activate your 14 day trial by using 3DBI-REVIT-TRIAL-14DAYS as activation key when being prompted.
  3. Export your Revit models and data to Microsoft Power BI

current version:


The missing piece

Data needs context. With just a few clicks, 3DBI will allow you to visualize your data in its spatial, 3D context, directly in your existing or new Microsoft Power BI dashboards. Get started viewing, panning and orbiting around your 3d models now.



3DBI gives your powerful styling options to visualize your data in the most insightful way possible. Colorize and show/hide up to 30.000 objects by any parameter, control whether or not your objects, ghost objects and contextual objects should be outlined or not and control the opacity of ghost objects.

Work offline

With 3DBI, your 3D model information is directly inserted into your Microsoft Power BI dashboard, so your 3D model will be accessible, even when there is no internet connection.


KG-dev actively works on the tools needed to craft 3DBI models from a wide variety of CAD and BIM (web-) applications.

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Custom 3D Power BI visual based on a Revit MEP model.

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Custom 3D Power BI visual based on a Revit rooms.

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Revit MEP model

Demo of a complete 3D MEP export from Revit into Power BI. This dashboard can be consulted live here: link

Rooms and Static Context

Demo showing an abstract model of which the rooms have been exported to 3DBI together with some environmental geometry to provide context to the dashboard. The rooms are colorized by and can be filtered on their type name.

Structural Quantity take-off

Demo showing a construction model being exported to Microsoft Power BI by using 3DBI. Elements are colorized by type and a table is showing various properties about the elements.

Room Quantities

Demo showing an abstract model of which the rooms have been exported to 3DBI. Different properties such as the room’s level, area and perimeter are used to colorize and show/hide the room geometries.