RTBI for Revit

Real-Time Building Information, a direct link between Autodesk® Revit® and Microsoft® Power BI®.

Real-Time Building Information.

With RTBI for Revit installed, Power BI will be able to live query your active Revit building information and access it with one of its default data connectors. RTBI also comes with a Power BI visual that will allow you to invoke different actions in Revit, such as highlighting and colorizing specific Revit elements, directly from Power BI.

In a few clicks you can link in many other data sources using standard Power BI functionality and leverage that external data to query your BIM model and to craft interactive dashboards, giving you deep insight in your building information. 

Getting Started.

  1. Download and install the addin for your Revit version.
  2. Activate your 14 day trial by using RTBI-REVIT-TRIAL-14DAYS as activation key when being prompted.
  3. Launch RTBI in Revit
  4. Connect to RTBI from Power BI using a standard webconnector

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With RTBI, Power BI can not only query your Revit model for information, it can also invoke different actions such as highlighting and colorizing Revit elements, directly from Power BI.


Building Information is hidden behind the 3D representation of every element, but, by leveraging the powerful features of Power BI, it is exactly that data that will become visible.

Work offline

RTBI runs on your local machine and provides a direct link between Revit and Power BI.

Link external data

Because Power BI can link with many datasources out of the box, those datasources can be combined with your Building Information in just a few clicks.

How-To – Link external data with a Revit model, using RTBI

Leverage external data, without duplication. We have encountered many workflows that utilize some kind of toolchain where data coming from external datasources would be duplicated into the building information model. Tools exist that are able to synchronize data...

How-To – Real-time Revit Room data visualization in Microsoft Power BI

The I in BIM Building information models are enriched with data, yet most building information modelling applications are focusing on visualizing the building and its elements in 2D and/or 3D, but fail to provide deep insight in all the data these elements carry with...

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Revit Structural models

Basic demo showing the complete workflow of getting Revit data into Power BI by using RTBI and finally using that data to highlight and colorize elements in Revit.