Real 3D Digital Twins in Power BI, an experiment.

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January 2023 to be more specific. 3DBI – our versatile 3D model viewer for Microsoft Power BI – has been released a few years ago, powering hundreds if not thousands of BIM, warehousing, logistics, facility management, mining, urban development, … Power BI dashboards all over the world. Although that colorizing and showing/hiding objects in a 3D model is a very strong way to communicate, we miss the fact that physical objects can move, rotate, have a different configuration, … over time.

Digital Twin Experiment

With the broad experience we have from creating 3DBI and creating all sorts of custom Power BI visuals, we decided to take it one step further. We created an experimental custom 3D visual of a robotic arm and made it possible to control the different axes of that arm by data feeded into Power BI. Although mocked data has been used for the experiment, it successfully illustrates that the creation of custom Digital Twin Power BI visuals lies within the poissibilities.  The results of this experiment can bee seen in the video below.

We want more

This robotic arm is just one of our first experiments about creating custom 3D Digital Twin Power BI visuals. You can expect to see more in the near future. Make sure to regularly visit our website to find out the latest about KG-dev, or feel free to reach out to us for more information about how we can help to create your custom visual.

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