Our products are generic tools we believe could benefit a majority of companies that use CAD, BIM or IoT in their daily workflow.

SketchUp Pro Extensions

SketchUp Pro Extension: Tag Manager

Say goodbye to groups and layers. Tag Manager is a SketchUp Pro Extension we developed in-house because we find that managing a model’s hierarchy in SketchUp remains cumbersome. With entities that can only be “placed” on 1 layer and groups that cannot share entities, ordering a model logically is hard. SketchUp Extension Warehouse Tag Manager […]

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SketchUp Pro Extension: Component Manager

List, Search and Manage your Local Components. Have you ever tried to create a library of SketchUp Components located on your local or network harddrive? To create order one has to typically name both the folders as well as the .skp files using a meaningful name. Well, untidy as we are, we never managed to […]

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