Many Importer for SketchUp

The single tool needed to import various 2D and 3D assets into Trimble® SketchUp®.

A single importer.

We want you to be able to load in various 2D and 3D file formats directly in SketchUp, without the need to use external tools or intermediate file formats. For that reason we have created Many Importer. Currently, Many Importer is available for SketchUp 2019 and newer and supports extracting the geometry of the following file formats: GLTF, GLB, SVG, PDB, 3DM, 3MF, AMF, LWO, VTK, WRL and VOX.

Let’s get started!

  1. Install the Many Importer for SketchUp extension directly from the extension warehouse.
  2. Activate your 5 day trial by using MANYIMPORTER-SKETCHUP-TRIAL-5DAYS as activation key when being prompted.
  3. Import your 2D and 3D assets in a single click.

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