Client: Flexpipe inc.
Website: www.flexpipeinc.com
Date: 2018 – ongoing
Technology: Custom SketchUp Pro extension.

Beginning 2018 we got in touch with Flexpipe through the SketchUp Community Forum. After a few conference calls and having a real meeting in Belgium we agreed on doing a first phase with limited functionality, to get to know each other. Meanwhile, many more phases have been passed and lots of functionality has been added through the years.

We are very proud of the achieved results and are very keen on our collaboration with Flexpipe.


Designing and drawing always takes time. It might also require some training get to know the unique Flexpipe products catalog. The goal of this software development is to save time and to get to know the products catalog in an easy to use 3d modelling package.

Easy to use.

Drawing in 3d should be as easy as drawing a sketch on paper.


Save time.

By automating steps of the drawing pocess as well as the manufacturing process.

Work offline.

So that manufactureres can continue working on their in-house computers without the need for an internet connection.

Online when needed.

So that online services can be leveraged to automate even more steps.


A tailormade SketchUp extension that will help you gain time, but also draw in more detail.

Converts lines into pipes with the desired Flexpipe color in 1 click.

Finds and places the right metal joints – and suggests alternatives – in one click for all the pipe intersections.

Suggests other accessories and puts them in the most appropriate locations.

Generate a bill of material in an Excel format including a cutting list for pipes, roller tracks, and decking.

Create a shopping list that you can share or place the order right away!

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